Photography, web design, and custom WordPress web development for a Portland, OR company helping people heal their bodies.

Reembody is unlike anything in the fitness world. It’s not Pilates, yoga, or personal training but a movement modality that’s for every type of body. They focus on identifying your side-dominance and provide specialized movement exercises that heal and prevent future injures. If you’re tired of the no fear mantra, Reembody may be perfect for you.

Custom designed and built for growth

We joined forces with Chee and created a custom WordPress website with WooCommerce appointment and bookings. We integrated our page builder which provides full control with live content editing with columned layouts and interactive modules. A new logo and color palette is sophisticated with jewel tones for a pop of energy: hot red, slate blue, and purple – paired with monochromatic tones. Reembody is set up for success.

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Color Palette

"Chuck at ILLUSIO is the triple threat of visual designers: he's creative, communicative, and tech-fluent. Not only is he artistically brilliant, but he's able to read between the lines of what you want, and communicate your brand better than you probably can. If your business needs a big-picture visionary, you can do no better."

Izarra Varela,
Business Manager at The Reembody Method

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