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We believe in digging in and diving deep. We learn about your organization and audience needs to solve specific problems.

Website Redesign Process


Our entire creative process is built around you. From the moment you reach out to us, we’re already researching your website, Facebook posts, Instagram pics, LinkedIn posts, and Twitter feed. This research helps us learn about your WHY and purpose. We’re also evaluating your messaging style, font and color usage, image and photography styles.

We’ll also review your competition and inspiration sites to evaluate where your brand fits within the existing marketplace – and identify where there’s a gap to strategically position you. We’ll absorb all of this information and revisit it after you’ve completed our website worksheet.


The home page is the most important aspect of your website, so the process begins here. We’ll hop on a kick-off call and collaboratively work together to identify key content areas that need to be addressed out to accomplish your goals, otherwise known as content strategy. The overall art direction of the website will be explored: content presentation, photography style, fonts, colors, patterns, and texture. Treatment of interactive elements like navigation, buttons, and text links will also be addressed at this stage.

We’ll create one static design sample of the home page that will be shared on Basecamp. Your team will provide feedback and we’ll review it, making our recommendations when possible. We’ll incorporate your feedback into new iterations that will be shared on Basecamp again for discussion. We’ll continue this process until you’ve approved the home page design and ready to continue with the design of the subpages.


Once the design of the home page has been approved, we’ll move onto the subpages. For the subpages, we’ll also provide one initial design sample and create iterations based on your review and feedback on Basecamp.

For these pages, we’ll address the content strategy in a collaborative format on Basecamp and/or conference calls, as needed. We will utilize the same approval process of design, feedback, and revisions until we’re all set for the development process.

Communication tools we love to use

Our team uses Slack to discuss daily internal aspects about your project. We keep these conversations off Basecamp so your team can focus on their work as well. For sharing images and larger design assets between our teams, we use Dropbox. Need some free tools for your organization? We've it covered.


Prototype Review

Once all of the design concepts are approved by your team, we’ll convert them into the WordPress or Drupal framework. We’ll focus on developing out the home page first, followed the subpages. We’ll share a link to a live prototype of your website as its being developed. Depending on where we are with the site, you may be provided with a user account to create content while we continue the remaining page conversations and overall site development.

Basecamp Project Management

To manage the workflow of your project, we use Basecamp. This online tool allows everyone who's involved in the project to connect and communicate in one location. Everything is secure from public access and you'll have transparency throughout the project's lifespan.

Areas we typically manage during the project:

  • To-do lists: team member tasks and anticipated dates
  • Files area: reviewing and approving designs; Google docs
  • Discussion: Ongoing topics and conversations
  • Internal documents: accounts, team bios, work schedules

Web Design FAQ

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