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Strong roots

Your website needs constant care so it's always updated for the best performance and security. We can nurture your website while your work blossoms.

Care that grows with you

Our WordPress Care Plans keep your website healthy, protected, and supported. Choose a plan with a growth strategy that fits your needs and feel good knowing your website is in expert hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

You'd like to know more about our plans? We've got the answers to common questions clients have either asked us or assume that you might be pondering before committing to the investment.

Why do I need a Website Care Plan?

You need a WordPress Care Plan because every month security and maintenance releases are published. It's very important to always keep your website's framework and plugins are updated. This ensures your website runs smoothly and keep potential hackers from trying getting into a web server through outdated plugins.

If for some reason your website does get hacked, a trained professional (like us!) will know what to do remedy the situation and get your website back into business.

Can't I just update WordPress and the plugins myself?

You could update WordPress framework and plugins but would you feel absolutely confident doing it? Since we custom design and develop websites everyday, we know which plugins are reputable and dependable. And we're equally versed on the ones are buggy and problematic.

In order to properly update the core framework on your website, we follow a process that ensure updates won't break up your site so you'll be able to focus on growing your organization or business.

What will we cover during our monthly strategy session?

Whatever you want! We want to share our professional expertise and time to you. We can review your website together to see where we can make content or marketing improvements to ensure you keep growing.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. However, we would prefer at least a week or two week's notice so that we can ensure your subscription can be cancelled properly.

For example, if you want to cancel your WordPress Care Plan in July, please email or call us in June because we do not provide refunds.

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