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Your website should always be online, secure, and updated for the best performance.

We can nurture your website while your work blossoms

Choose a WordPress Care Plan that fits your needs. No contracts, cancel anytime.

The Evergreen WordPress Care Plan

Your site needs to be extra secure to keep hackers out, always online, and updated. This care plan supports your growth needs and includes more visitor recordings and heatmaps.

  • Update software
  • Backup files
  • 24/7 Uptime monitoring
  • Database and spam cleaning
  • Premium firewall security
  • No contracts, cancel anytime
  • Two hours of basic content updates
  • Track up to three heatmaps
  • 300 visitor recordings
  • Monthly report
  • Support ticket access


per month

The Seedling WordPress Care Plan

Need content updates and more support? This care plan ensures your WordPress website is shielded from potential hackers and visitor recordings help with growth.

  • Update software
  • Backup files
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Basic security
  • No contracts, cancel anytime
  • One hour of basic content updates
  • Track up to two heatmaps
  • 200 visitor recordings
  • Monthly report
  • Support ticket access


per month

The Sprout WordPress Care Plan

Have peace of mind knowing your WordPress website is always updated, online, and secure. You’ll also get access to valuable visitor site data and our support system.

  • Update software
  • Backup files
  • Basic security
  • No contracts, cancel anytime
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Track one heatmap
  • 100 visitor recordings
  • Support ticket access


per month

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a website care plan?

Glad you asked! We'd recommend reading our Why Monthly WordPress Care Matters article. You'll learn tips on how performing monthly updates to a WordPress site can help keep it online, protected, and secure from hackers.

Where do I find out more info about each plan?

We're glad you're interested in our WordPress Care Plans. To learn more, head over to the product page where we've provided more details.

Sprout WordPress Care Plan ›

Seedling WordPress Care Plan ›

Evergreen WordPress Care Plan ›

What's the benefit of using heatmaps on my website?
Haetmap of a rafting company


With heatmaps, you'll see how users are interacting with your website's page content over time. Pair it with video recordings and Google Analytics - and your team can capture valuable visitor insights:

  • Discover which types of content or call-to-action areas are successful on pages
  • Learn which pages on your navigation get the most clicks; and what order produces more click-through
  • A/B test different types of content on pages with sales funnels to determine which one produces more results

Before creating new content, your team can make data-driven decisions to increase conversions with your key audience. Or identify where users may be getting confused, frustrated, and dropping off your website.

What do I gain from the visitor site recordings?
Hotjar video recording nonprofit website

To help you learn how visitors are navigating and interacting with your website's content, we use software to record their sessions. It's quite cool! You’ll see in real-time how users interact with your site: clicks, scrolling, and mouse navigation across pages.

  • What content is the most popular on your new home page?
  • How long do users stay on your programs and ways to give pages?
  • Which donation buttons are getting more clicks?

View sample recording ›

What's included in the basic content updates?

If your team is too busy to make content updates on your site (to existing content), leave it to us! Your team provides the copywriting and we update your site for you.

Examples of basic content updates

  • Update the text on an existing blog post
  • Update the text on an existing page
  • Replace an inline or featured image on an existing blog post
  • Replace an inline or featured image on an existing page
How do I get support for my WordPress Care Plan?

If something is broken on your website, create a ticket and our team will address the issue within 24 to 48 hours.

How do I access my account?

Need to print a receipt or review your purchases? Visit your account page. Make sure you've got your user and password information ready.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your WordPress Care Plan anytime (for any reason). It's a monthly service to help your grow with no contract to sign.

NOTE: We don't provide refunds. So we need a two week's notice so that we can ensure your subscription can be cancelled properly.