Finding the Light

United States Lighthouse Society

Nonprofit website redesign for U.S. Lighthouse Society

U.S. Lighthouse Society is a nonprofit group of enthusiasts in Washington who love lighthouse history and culture.


The former U.S. Lighthouse Society lacked visual sophistication for their broad audience and didn't display on mobile devices. There was no Content Management System (CMS) so content updates were complicated. Visitors couldn't easily sign-up to buy their products.


We created a new logo and fresh visual design that's nod to early 1900s lighthouse culture. From children to seniors, they all can marvel at the rich history of photos and architectural drawings on the site.

Their new website is anchored on a Drupal so content creation is much easier for their team to produce. The organization is selling more memberships, lighthouse tours, and merchandise! Their new website is responsive so everyone can see the light from desktop to mobile.

Nonprofit logo design
Honoring the past

The new logo is based on the organization’s roots, which began in 1789 as the "United States Lighthouse Establishment". The United States Coast Guard also had ties to the organization so we combined both historical references to make an iconic and unexpected mark.

Color Palette

Web redesign colors for U.S. Lighthouse Society
Logo design, custom web design, Drupal 7 custom web development, and custom theme for a nonprofit in Washington, OR
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