Fighting Carbon Emissions

The Climate Trust

Website refresh for Climate Trust, Home page

Climate change is the most pressing problem facing our planet. The Climate Trust provides accelerated carbon offset solutions to minimize greenhouse gas emissions with a long-term zero-carbon footprint goal.


The previous version of the Climate Trust website was made with hand-coded HTML. They had to use complex third-party applications to make updates.


We simplified the process by hooking them up with a fresh copy of WordPress along with a heavily customized child theme that’s modern and responsive. Now, it’s simple for their team to create, manage, and update the website so their organization can focus on reducing carbon in the environment.

Color Palette

Website redesign colors for The Climate Trust
Website redesign for Climate Trust, Custom icon design
Custom Google map and icon set

To showcase Climate’s Trust portfolio, we built a filterable Google map with custom icons. So investors learn how the organization has greenhouse gas reduction projects from diverse sectors, with a focus on forestry, grassland conservation, and livestock digesters.

Custom web design, custom WordPress development, and icon design for a nonprofit based in Portland, OR that’s helping keep the Earth's air safe

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