Movement Medicine

Reembody Method


The Reembody Method is unlike anything in the fitness world. It's not Pilates, yoga, or personal training, but a movement modality that's for every type of body. 


Reembody Method had a website that didn't capture their innovative approach or support the ways the business had grown and changed since it first launched.


We joined forces with Chee and created a custom WordPress website with WooCommerce appointment and bookings. We integrated our page builder which provides full control with live content editing with columned layouts and interactive modules. A new logo and color palette is sophisticated with jewel tones for a pop of energy: hot red, slate blue, and purple – paired with monochromatic tones. Reembody is set up for success.

Color Palette

Web redesign colors for Reembody Method
Photography, web design, and custom WordPress web development for a Portland, OR company helping people heal their bodies
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