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A logo is a pivotal and crucial marketing expression of your brand. We've created iconic marks for awesome nonprofits and mission-driven industries.

Logo Design Process

Discovery and research

To begin the logo design process, we’ll ask you to fill out our Logo Worksheet. This document will help us to better understand your goals, audience, and design sensibilities. During a kick-off conference call, we’ll answers you’ve provided and create a plan for designing your new logo.

A logo is a pivotal and crucial marketing component to your brand. Our process continues as we dive and research your competition, social media channels, and any existing marketing materials you’re able to provide, like brochures, newsletters, or collateral. We’ll immerse ourselves into your world while referencing the audience goals as the driving force to our creative strategy.

Sketches and digital concepts

Ideation is up next where we’ll sketch rough ideas and concepts using pen and paper. This step allows us to openly experiment with a variety of unexpected directions your new logo. We’ll also research many different font and icon pairing options for logo that potentially reflect your brand.

Once our sketches are in a more finalized format, we’ll select some ideas and convert them into a digital format. We will provide three initial digital logo design concepts for review for you to provide feedback. We’ll share the logo concepts with icon and font pairings in both horizontal and vertical orientation in color, and in black and white. After you’ve provided feedback, we’ll spend a few more rounds making revisions to one or two selected concepts.

Approval and final format

We’ll schedule another follow-up call to discuss the designs or you can provide feedback. You’ll choose one concept for finalizing and approval. The final approved design will be provided in vector format (.eps) in CMYK and black colors. These various formats are suitable for professional printing or use on your new website.

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