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Business can be a force for good so we align with like-minded people who also want help you inspire, engage, and make positive impacts.

Nonprofit Alliance Members

Practicing the 3 P's of "People, Planet and Profit" lies at the very heart of benefit corporations. From the environment to equity, Benefit Corporations for Good admires how these companies focus on the greater good in their communities and in their states. They believe in empowering such beacons of light through education, communication, and advocacy. They are helping build a union of forward-thinking companies aligned in their shared values of honesty, transparency, and empathy.

Colin believes that universal global good is achievable in our time. With 20 years of experience crafting fresh copy and brand strategy for nonprofits, B Corps, and mission-driven businesses, he knows how to tell stories clearly and powerfully. He's a big thinker and a close listener. Whether for a project or a lifetime, a partnership with him means creating a scalable, unified, cross-platform presence aligned with the heart and soul of your organization.

Good Gallagher champions the causes, nonprofit orgs, good companies, and social change enterprises making this a better place for all. They are strategic thinkers, communications experts, and conceptual designers driven by the greater good. As an independent community of like-minded marketing and design specialists, they collaborate to ensure your mission resonates in an authentic, relevant, and unique way.

Nonprofits and business owners need a transparent SEO & Analytics partner they can trust. Matt has helped organizations and companies make sense of complex data and never-ending algorithm changes for over 10 years. He loves helping educate people on strategies that actually move the needle while calling out the BS on fickle smoke and mirror tactics.

The Printory uses their business, design and production skills for the greater good. Their Refutees goal is to fill a box with 100 quality garments every month to donate to local refugees. When you purchase a classic tee or sign up to be a Refutee club member another shirt is donated to the box for refugees.

Richard created the Nonprofit Startup School to guide founders of mission-driven organizations around and away from the pitfalls they are likely to encounter as they navigate their way through the complex maze that they find themselves in. He wants to help these inspired individuals find meaningful and sustainable (that is workable) ways to channel their energy to change the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the story behind the Nonprofit Alliance?

We believe that business can be a force for good and we're always striving toward this goal by aligning with purpose-driven people who also have a strong focus on helping nonprofits.

Sometimes our clients need a service that's outside our specialty (web design and graphic design). Rather than turning or clients away, we'd like to provide a resource of providers that share our belief in business.

What are the benefits of joining the Nonprofit Alliance?

We feature monthly blog posts by our alliance members as a Friday Feel Good a content promotion. The posts are also shared on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Our monthly newsletter also mentions our members and is distributed to our mission-driven clients, colleagues, and business partners. It's our way of saying thanks for allowing us to re-post your article on our website.

It's a triple win for you, our clients, and us as it's useful and helpful content. Be sure to like us and use the #fridayfeelgood hashtag for your promos.

What type of services are typically needed?

We're looking for alliance members that provide these types of services, specifically to nonprofits or purpose-driven businesses. If that's you, apply to join forces:

  • Advocacy
  • Copywriting
  • eCommerce
  • Events & promotion
  • Fundraising
  • Grant writing
  • Marketing
  • Printing
  • SalesForce
  • SEO
  • Volunteer outreach
  • Videography
How do I become a member?

Membership is free and if you want to join forces to help, apply to become a Nonprofit Alliance member. We'll need some information about you to get started. If everything looks good, we'll be in touch to follow up when we've shared your post.

What we need from you:

  • Your company logo
  • A brief overview of your WHY and how you can be helpful
  • The link to your website
  • A link to your blog topic(s) for sharing
Are there any events planned in the future?

We're starting a networking group called Purpose-Driven Professionals. Our goal is to connect nonprofit marketers, EDs, and professionals together to share helpful resources.

Topics and ideas we'd believe organizations would find useful include:

  • Free tools
  • Productivity tools
  • How-tos
  • Marketing tips
  • Books

Once we're ready to roll, we'll email everyone an invite to our first event in Fall 2018. 

How do I update my listing?

If you'd like to update or remove your member listing, send us an email about the changes you'd like to request. We'll get it done.

Featured Member Post

Nonprofit Startup School Flowchart
The Nonprofit Startup Flowchart

Starting a nonprofit organization properly has many steps, and there are several variations on how to do this right.

Ready to join forces for some good?