Each individual action of good makes a world of difference

We dedicate our time, energy, and expertise to supporting and strengthening our community. Our team volunteers with local nonprofits by serving as board members, planting trees in neighborhoods, and reading to school children. We've donated our creative services for great organizations like Depave and the Montavilla Farmers Market.

Healthy, local food contributes to a vital community

We volunteered and built website, print materials, and even a billboard for our neighborhood farmers market to help increase their visibility in the Montavilla community. We also served on their board of directors, writing a grant for a community celebration, managing a weekly email newsletter, organizing a pilot senior shopper program, and helping the market run smoothly each week.

Connecting with community

Getting to know your neighbors is the most important (and fun) way to strengthen community. We’ve served on the association’s board of directors, establishing a small grant program for local schools and engaging in community building events. We frequently participate in public safety activities which help us meet our neighbors and keep our community safe.

Growing the next generation

Our work with this low-income neighborhood school includes building parent engagement through social media and outreach, and designing yard signs to increase visibility of the school. We’ve served on the PTA board of directors, and given countless hours to organizing events, fundraising and grant writing, and advocating for the needs of the school – including a grassroots campaign to make Vestal a SUN community school. Each week, we read with students through the amazing SMART reading program.

Featured Nonprofit

Free Wheelchair Mission

This nonprofit in Irvine, CA is driven by a higher purpose: providing wheelchairs to people in developing nations that are simple, cost-effective, and highly functional. We redesigned their website in WordPress to attract more donors and expand their global reach.

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