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We’re proud to create for clients doing their part for our planet and its people. We dedicate our time, energy, and expertise to strengthening our community, and love creating tools to help our clients do the same.

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Chuck Spidell

Graphic Design, Web Design & Project Management

Chuck is the founder of ILLUSIO and has been a digital crafter for over 18 years. His nonprofit roots began in 1999 while volunteering for Sierra Club. Designing websites is Chuck’s mastery but he equally loves graphic design and print projects. Chuck’s big on transforming complex information into design solutions that are purposeful and simple.

Laura Spidell

Business Marketing & Operations

From business operations to marketing, Laura helps keep ILLUSIO running smoothly. She anchors our team with marketing, copywriting, WordPress production, RFP reviews, and proposals. Laura’s deep roots in Urban and Regional planning and community organizing, make sure we’re constantly giving back – and making mighty work for our clients.

Lars Faye

WordPress Web Development

A dedicated life long techie and digital virtuoso, Lars has been working with computers before Apple became a household brand. From hardware, software, networking, to hosting – Lars delivers over eight years of solid skills. He’s a master at building responsive WordPress websites that deliver on the front and back-end.

Allison Levine

WordPress Web Development

Allison has been building custom WordPress sites for nonprofits, small businesses, and startups for over five years. She’s laser-focused on creating better user experiences to people everywhere. And she’s got some serious coding chops: building WordPress plugins and pushing unexpected ideas into development.

Tom Wheeler

Drupal Web Development

With over 15 years web of development skills, Tom is one talented Drupal and custom PHP expert. Industries tackled: nonprofit, social collaboration, online magazines, retail, and education. Tom is also was a professor at the Art Institute of Portland, teaching college-level courses in website development for 10 years.

Great Clients

Ask a question, we promise not to bite.

Pricing is based on the functionality, complexity, and content size of a website. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and where your project falls, but here’s some basics:

  • A basic custom WordPress site with minimal design and page templates, social media integration, a blog, and a contact form ranges between $10K-$25K.
  • A more complex, custom site with multiple designs, page templates, and third party integration ranges between $25K-$45K.
  • Fully custom websites on the front-end and back-end ranges between $45K-$75K, depending on your needs.
  • Membership-based custom sites with thousands of pages, extra designs and page templates, third-party integration, and extra functionality ranges between $75K-150K+.
  • If you have questions with our pricing or would like a free quote, let’s connect.

A basic, custom WordPress website takes a minimum of four to six months to design, develop, QA test, and launch. Larger complex sites with extra functionality usually require eight to 12 months, or longer. Feel free to contact us if you have a specific question. We’re always happy to provide a free estimate or hop on a call to discuss your needs.

Yes, we work with businesses and nonprofits of all types and sizes so we’re flexible. If your company (or organization) is not in the market for a full redesign and needs to make smaller content changes, we can help.

For this type of service, we usually charge an hourly rate for items that need to be completed. We’ll require a 50% deposit to start the work and once everything is completed, we’ll send you an invoice for the remaining payment. Need something updated? Give us a shout about your project.

We accept company check, credit card, and PayPal. On smaller projects, we’ll require a 50% deposit to begin the work. Once everything is completed, we’ll email an invoice for the remaining payment which is due on receipt.

On larger long-term projects, a 15% to 25% deposit of the budget is required to kick-off a project. Invoices are emailed on the 1st of each month throughout the lifespan of the project. Payment is due within 30 days of receipt.

Our core team has over 18 years of expert skills at web design and graphic design. Our extended team of web developers and other creatives have a combined experience of over 75 years in the industry.

We’re inspired by music, fonts, a good sci-fi movie, antiques, video games, a tasty mojito, long hikes, long rides, and a good sunset. Chuck is a longboarder so the skate, snow, bmx, and surfing world is a big source of inspiration not only in design but in life. His design and art heroes influence his creative energy: George Perrou, Banksy, Alberto Cerritenos, Saul Bass, Chip Kidd, Joan Miro, Charley Harper, Coen Brothers, M.C. Escher, Tex Avery, John Kricfalusi, Pushead, and Ralph Steadman.

No, we do not outsource any development or design needs. We’re big on working with local creatives in Oregon and Washington – however, we do work with various partners throughout the United States. Fill out our partner inquiry form if you’d like to connect.

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